The marriage between Coca Cola Enterprises and ATC started in 2013 as a common goal: to develop a more sustainable collection of clothes. It has resulted in a completely new, ground-breaking method of using fabrics made from recycled polyester (old pet-bottles) and recycled, Fair Trade certified cotton waste.

The process of making a t-shirt from cotton plant to complete garment, using conventionally grown cotton consumes 2000 liters of water. By using recycled material, the water consumption has dropped to 2 liters of water/t-shirt which can be translated into astonishing 99,9% more effective.

The main reason for this incredible improvement is use of recycled polyester made from PET bottles rather than virgin polyester, made from crude oil.
In India where the production has taken place shortage of water is a major problem. In addition, energy consumption has decreased by 79% and CO2 emissions by 49%.

The Swedish market were pioneers in launching this line of clothing, however the buzz has spread and we are now proud to have Coca Cola throughout Europe onboard and growing.